Restaurant review: Meli

Just a block or two from the Empire State Building is a new Greek restaurant called Meli.  The evening I dined there it was nearly empty, but I’m sure as word gets out that will change.  I would describe Meli as upscale Greek with a twist and that extends to both the decor as well as the menu. The main dining room is bright with high ceilings, an impressive chandelier and large dramatic images of Greece. meli-midtown

The plates include all the ingredients you expect in Greek food but the menu has a very modern take on the cuisine.  A good example would be the starter, Grilled Eggplant Gazpacho.  Although the gazpacho and much of the menu was appealing, I stuck with some traditional choices and walked away very satisfied.

I started my dinner with the beet salad.  The roasted beets encircled a cool creamy feta and garlic spread with crushed almonds.  It was a delicious and filling way to start dinner, and something I could order over and over again.  As I was finishing my salad, I was brought an incredibly hot mousaka.  Meli does not use eggplant and zucchini in their recipe rather they include artichoke hearts, which gives a subtle flavoring that is very agreeable with the ground beef and potatoes.

Main plates at Meli range from $18 (my mousaka) to $32 and starters and salads range from $9 to $15.   The food, service and setting all make the price point a good deal and a place worth trying.

Meli is located at 1 East 35th Street between 5th and Madison Avenue.   The restaurant appears to be having issues with their website so I would recommend calling if you have any questions.
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2 responses to “Restaurant review: Meli

  1. Hey BosGuy thanks for the great review… Just – if I may add some clarifications… Meli isn’t “officially” open yet. The Grand Opening is scheduled around September 19th…. Management decided to have a soft opening and smooth all the kinks out. The staff has been wonderful and the whole start up has been very smooth. The website is currently up but not yet fully operational – but it’s getting there! Where there is a link to open table as well. We really appreciate your honesty and hope you visit us again soon. There are many great items on the menu – which are not typical interpretations at the run of the mill Greek restaurants. Just in case it’s needed, Meli’s phone number is 212- 481-MELI
    Hope to see you soon & and enjoy your travels!


  2. oh that beet salad looks delicious. I may need to check this place out next time I am in NYC.



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