Do you nap?

sleepMost people I know admit that they do not get enough sleep and the health risks of lack of sleep are fairly well documented so I was intrigued by the BuzzFeed article about napping last week called, Everything you’ll ever need to know about napping

I swiped part of the infographic from the article.  Click on the image above to enlarge so you may more easily read the description of each nap type.  Do you nap?  If so which type of nap do you take most often?

2 responses to “Do you nap?

  1. I sooo wish I could nap. Sadly, I am not a natural napper. If I did try, I would fall asleep and feel 10x worse :(. I am very envious of disco nappers!


  2. I do not nap because I find it hard to fall asleep in the daylight. When I do take a nap (very rarely) I awaken feeling disoriented, not sure what day it is, etc.



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