BosGuy’s near miss

This past Friday four of us drove from Boston to Albany, NY to spend the weekend with a couple who purchased and remodeled a beautiful home (I’ll talk more of that in a future post). While driving to Albany we nearly missed a head on collision with a car that was driving the wrong direction on Interstate-90 (The Mass Pike).

After being run off the road into the grassy median that separates the East bound and West bound highway, I frantically dialed 9-1-1 to report the incident. Unfortunately, the next day we learnt right after running us off the road, an 84-year old driving the wrong way collided head on with a 28-year-old man; both were killed. One can only assume guard rails and traffic prevented the young man from swerving like we did.

We were shaken after the incident and saddened to read about this the next day. My thoughts are with the families affected by the tragedy.

Full story here.

4 responses to “BosGuy’s near miss

  1. Wow — i was on the mass pike earlier that day, speeding along to upstate NY. Never know when your time is up — am very happy you are OK.


  2. I am grateful your angels were watching and sad for another as well.


  3. Thank God you are all right.
    My 84-year-old father drove four of us to dinner Saturday night. I know that there will sometime be a time when I will need to have “that” conversation with him.
    I am so sad that two lives were lost. RIP.


  4. Sad indeed! That goodness u all are ok!



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