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Boston Globe travel show is this weekend

Boston Globe Travel ShowAccording to Adam’s blog, Boston Hospitality and Tourism Industry Blog, The Boston Globe Travel Show is scheduled for this weekend.  Want to get out of town but can’t afford to get away?  Maybe you’d like to visit the show and see what travel deals are available?

Boston Globe Travel Show February 6 – 8, 2015

The show officially opens to the public on Friday at 5:30 and runs through Sunday, February 8th at 4:00 pm.  Travel show tickets are $10 if purchased online and $15 if purchased at the door.  More details about the show can be found here.

Boston on tumblr

Boston Public GardenThe Boston Globe now has a tumblr page that encourages the public to upload photos of Boston. Some of these pictures are really beautiful and worth checking out.  If you’ve never been to Boston, the images will provide some wonderful views of our neighborhoods, architecture and people.  If you are far from home, this tumblr page will certainly make you nostalgic and want to come back and visit. Feel free to share your photos on the Globe’s tumblr site – they make it very easy to do, just clicking a couple of buttons.  I’ve also added this to my blogroll in the right margin of my blog so you can check it as often as you like.

Photography tips from Essdras M. Suarez

essdras suarezLove photography?  Would you like to get tips from an expert?  Learn more about photography by attending this FREE lecture with Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, Essdras Suarez. 

Essdras M Suarez has traveled to over 30 countries as a Globe photographer. Gain valuable insights as Essdras critiques anonymous photos submitted by the audience and stay for even more advice during a question and answer session. Details about how and where to send photographs are included on the registration page.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM 
At the Boston Globe 135 Morrissey Blvd.

You must register to attend and seats are limited.  If you are interested, register for Picture Perfect Insider Photography Tips from Essdras M Suarez.

Harvard Square nightlife

Guys DrinkingI can’t recall the last time I said this but last Saturday I grabbed my passport (sorry local joke guys) and headed over to Harvard Square, and I have to admit it was a blast. The next day while I was perusing the Boston Globe online I happened to see an article raving about the nightlife in Harvard Square.  

So why is Harvard Square’s nightlife rebounding? According to The Boston Globe article it is due to a concerted effort to help it flourish (Hello Boston Mayoral candidates would you please take note?)

The city of Cambridge wants a more vibrant nightlife and are encouraging more live music venues and asking restaurants to stay open later. The city is also reviewing the current cap on liquor licenses and policies governing outdoor late night dining. Don’t believe me? Read the Boston Globe article, Harvard Square Gets Its Nightlife Groove Back.

Hello Boston – would you please take note?

Why I take the ferry to Provincetown

Provincetown traffic

This was the article in The Boston Globe after epic traffic had many in their car for hours.  Without traffic, Boston to Ptown takes approximately 2 hours.  However, several friends spent more than 5 hours driving back home last weekend.  My advice, take the ferry if you live in Boston.

Need details about the ferry companies and schedules? Give me a shout and I’m happy to offer my advice.

Boston Globe’s Munch Madness Final Four

Boston Globe Munch MadnessThe Boston Globe’s annual restaurant tournament modeled after the NCAA’s spring basketball tournament bracket, brings together 64 restaurants that are divided roughly between contestants from the previous year and new entrants.

After more than a week, the 2013 Munch Madness has moved into the Final Four, pitting Craigie on Main vs. Hungry Mother and Gaslight vs. Oleana.  Who will survive and go on to the finals?

Cast your vote today. Voting for the Final Four ends on Friday, March 29th.

VOTE HERE2013 Munch Madness

2013 Munch Madness

Boston Globe Munch MadnessThe Boston Globe’s annual restaurants tournament, Munch Madness, modeled after the NCAA’s spring basketball bracket has started again. Sixty-four restaurants have been plotted in the Globe’s restaurant bracket but only one can win.  Make your picks now – voting for round 1 starts today, March 20th and runs though March 21st.

Link Here To Cast Your Vote