Why I take the ferry to Provincetown

Provincetown traffic

This was the article in The Boston Globe after epic traffic had many in their car for hours.  Without traffic, Boston to Ptown takes approximately 2 hours.  However, several friends spent more than 5 hours driving back home last weekend.  My advice, take the ferry if you live in Boston.

Need details about the ferry companies and schedules? Give me a shout and I’m happy to offer my advice.

5 responses to “Why I take the ferry to Provincetown

  1. There’s not enough rail/plane/ferry capacity to alleviate the road congestion (most people who go to the Cape are going to drive to Harwich or Eastham or wherever – the PT ferry only works for PT, and maybe Truro), so something has to be done about Rte. 6. There’s no central divider on the bridge, so they should make the bridge 3 lanes off-Cape all day Sunday afternoon and Monday mornings.


  2. I’d love to drive out there again sometime but dread that 2 lane highway going out there. Route 6 I think it is. Ugh!


  3. Cape Air is also a nice option – if you do not mind flying in a small single engine aircraft


  4. Plus it’s easier to take anything from Boston since you can just take the commuter rail into the city and go from there. Skip the car entirely.


  5. No, my friend, the reason to take public transportation is to ogle all the guy candy…just like being a pig in s*%t!!!

    Woo pig Sooie!! 😉



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