Harvard Square nightlife

Guys DrinkingI can’t recall the last time I said this but last Saturday I grabbed my passport (sorry local joke guys) and headed over to Harvard Square, and I have to admit it was a blast. The next day while I was perusing the Boston Globe online I happened to see an article raving about the nightlife in Harvard Square.  

So why is Harvard Square’s nightlife rebounding? According to The Boston Globe article it is due to a concerted effort to help it flourish (Hello Boston Mayoral candidates would you please take note?)

The city of Cambridge wants a more vibrant nightlife and are encouraging more live music venues and asking restaurants to stay open later. The city is also reviewing the current cap on liquor licenses and policies governing outdoor late night dining. Don’t believe me? Read the Boston Globe article, Harvard Square Gets Its Nightlife Groove Back.

Hello Boston – would you please take note?

One response to “Harvard Square nightlife

  1. I echo your call to the mayorial candidates for Boston – just this week a restaurant requesting a 1AM closing license (located at the corner of Park Square in the old electric building / then school) was slapped with an 11PM closing time. I know that all the Bay Villiagers were behind this – but I would bet that if I did a title search on all the complainers none would come up as residents who are long term not to know that the Village borders on two commercial zones and the restaurnts pay a great deal percentage wise to offset their homeowners yearly tax assessments.

    And the association also has issues with the subsideside housing in the area as well – all of the existing commercial propery (including the transistions of this building many times) were there well before they ever moved in and started to be extremists.



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