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Occupy Boston

The Boston Globe has compiled a 2-minute video of Occupy Boston that I’ve included. Occupy Boston started as a sympathy or copy cat movement inspired by the protests in NYC called Occupy Wall Street.

The movement has garnered much attention locally and has been trending on Twitter for the past several days.   Like all forms of civil disobedience now, the group relies upon and heavily uses social media including Twitter and facebook as well as maintaining a website, occupyboston.com.  Local politicians like Boston’s Mayor have expressed sympathy for the protesters, acknowledging their frustrations while asking them to be respectful of the public space they are occupying.

Is Occupy Wall Street and the nearly dozen other copy cat protests in most major cities of the US the Left’s response to the Tea Party which energized the political Right? Time will tell but I’m glad that this movement is taking hold because its forcing a dialog that should continue.

Check out Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream response to these protests called Those who occupy: We stand with you I’d love to see more follow in the steps of B&J.