Judy Blume

Judy Blume“I told everybody that my brother ate my turtle. They looked at me kind of funny. But nobody ever said they were sorry to hear about my turtle. Never once.”   Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

I thought of Judy Blume earlier this week when I heard that she was recovering from a mastectomy.  She had been diagnosed with breast cancer in June.  I was glad to read that she is now recovering and it made me think about how horrible cancer is. It seems that every family at some point is impacted by this terrible disease.  If you live in the US you can always volunteer or make a donation like I just did to the American Cancer Society.

One response to “Judy Blume

  1. Although your actions are kind, the American Cancer Society hardly gives your money to cancer research. Your dollar goes farther with a donation directly to Dana Farber – or via the Pan Mass Challenge- where every single penny goes directly to cancer research. In 2010, The ACS took $.01 for every dollar and put it to research. May I suggest Team LUNGstrong http://www.pmc.org/profile/TL0096 where every penny you donate will go to research at Dana Farber. Another amazing charity that donates every penney you give is Veterans Count

    That’s right – even the famed Relay for Life doesn’t donate your money to research like you think- the same poor . It is vital for people to understand what they are donating to and where their money goes- I’d love to see you write something about Lung Cancer, the least funded of all cancers. Did you see this amazing article on Team LUNGstrong



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