BosGuy fitness update

working outI’ve been quiet about my fitness regimen, and it is mostly due to the fact that I’ve been slacking.

Thank goodness I have a trainer, because there have been many weeks over the past two months where my only gym-time has been spent working out with him.

My short-term fitness goal is to drop the few extra pounds that have recently settled around my waist before they take up permanent residence.  My plan is to get a few more cardio sessions in each week.  We’ll see how that goes – wish me luck.

working out

Are you struggling to motivate yourself to get to the gym?  Misery enjoys company.  Let me know how you are doing and we can work to motivate each other so we look picture perfect in time for the holidays.

7 responses to “BosGuy fitness update

  1. Who talking 9AM? You should be there at 6AM!!


  2. I agree with Wrangler Man. Get out and get it done with early in the day. I have been going to a boot camp in Dorchester with a guy named Aaron It’s a 6:00 am, outside, rain or shine, and yes, all winter long. It’s invigorating and I love it! Check it out.


  3. Well, my friend, you need to change your attitude!

    Take my offer!


  4. Do it first thing in the morning! Set your alarm clock earlier, if need be! And as for the alarm clock, place it on a dresser away from your bed, so you’ll need to get out of bed to shut it off. Another powerful motivator is having a partner. Then, each of you can goad the other on!



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