Houseguests Miro and Kiril

One week ago today we said goodbye to Miro and Kiril (brothers from Varna, Bulgaria).  They boarded their flight from Boston to head home after spending the previous 3+ months working this summer in Provincetown. It was great to host them for a few days after a long summer of hard work.  Both Miro and Kiril relaxed and talked a lot about their home, Varna, Bulgaria, which looks beautiful in pictures.

Varna BulgariaMiro and Kiril’s home is on the coast of the Black Sea and is one of the largest cities in this European Country.  If you Google “Varna” you will no doubt see beautiful photos of the coast which looks like a great place to visit in the warmer months.  I have to admit prior to meeting these brothers, I never really thought about visiting Bulgaria, but maybe some day I’ll have to go and visit this city on the Black Sea.

Best of luck to Miro and Kiril who are now home studying at University. I hope we get a chance to see them again next summer in Ptown.

2 responses to “Houseguests Miro and Kiril

  1. You’re a good soul Rob!



  2. What! two beautiful, young men from Eastern Europe in your home, and you let them go!!! 😮 Remind me to tell you someday about a passionate affair I had with a young Polish guy in Cracow a few years after the Wall fell. He had the most beautiful blue eyes! 😉



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