Sean Patrick Davey

Sean Patrick Davey:  My latest obsession

Sean Patrick Davey is originally from Minneapolis but now calls NYC home.  His stats read as follows: 6’4″, red hair, hazel eyes, 204lbs. Photos of Sean regularly grace gay blogs so I figured I was overdue and should come forward to admit I’m completely obsessed with this handsome Midwesterner.

If you too find yourself smitten there is a blog you’ll love >> link here.

7 responses to “Sean Patrick Davey

  1. Can’t believe we let him get away from Minnesota!


  2. Where do you find these guys?


  3. All I can say is Fookin’ A!


  4. Nice Obsession to have, my friend! There’s nothing like a red-haired Irishman! 😉


  5. That body is killa!!



  6. Thanks for sharing your latest obsession (and that link)! I must admit, however, that I find him (and most men) all the more attractive when he’s not shaved completely hairless. And no distracting tattoos is a nice change. Thanks again!



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