“I do” support marriage equality

I do 74When I read that the Seattle Times had taken the unprecedented step of launching a social media campaign to support same-sex marriage, I knew something fundamental had changed in America.

I rashly decided to post a photo of myself holding the I do 74 sign to express my support for those in Washington State and since then, each day have posted photos of others doing the same.  Photos have been sent to me by fellow bloggers, family, friends and blog readers.

Nearly 90 posed and sent in photos over the last 45 days

Today is election day and several states (Washington included) have voters going to the polls to determine if same sex marriage should be legal, and I feel more confident than ever that they just might succeed.

Special thanks to my sister, Elizabeth, for regularly sending in photos from her town of Amesbury, MA and to my partner, Sergio, for snapping more than a few photos of friends as well.

Check out the nearly 90 people who  posed by linking here.

Thank you

2 responses to ““I do” support marriage equality

  1. Great Idea, I hope it goes viral during the next few state’s votes.
    Honored to be included.
    We thank YOU


  2. Awesome job Rob! and to those who sent in photos!




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