Kranzky’s Korner: Unnatural cravings

Kris KranzkyHow many different ways can they spin butter, eggs, and refined sugar? The possibilities are endless and calories limitless, unless you take the initiative to control your appetite and be aware of your body and it’s realistic needs. Now the goal here is to not get swept away in nostalgic emotional eating – it is to realize what your body’s nutritional needs are.  Odds are you won’t find a cupcake with 50 grams of processed sugar just sitting in the middle of nature, and we wonder why diabetes is a growing problem in America.

“Sweet is the first taste humans prefer from birth” according to Christine Gerbstadt, MD, RD, a  dietitian and American Dietetic Association spokeswoman.  Carbohydrates also make us feel good, releasing serotonin and rewarding us for the choice; the taste of sugar alone releases endorphins and relaxes us, somewhat of a natural high. With so many immediate onset incentives to eating these sweet treats no wonder we get carried away. Let’s go over some good ways to control these cravings, instead of letting the cravings control us.

Eat regularly:  Having a balanced and healthy diet with proper intervals of eating will keep your blood sugar more level and reduce the risk of craving sweets, and over indulging.

Drink water, stay hydrated: If 80% of Americans are dehydrated daily, then odds are you are dehydrated. Which can be mistaken for hunger, even if your needs are fulfilled.   So next time you crave a cupcake or cookie, drink some good old calorie free tap water.

Go natural, eat fruit: If you crave sweets indulge in some chocolate covered strawberries, or have an apple. This will be a lot easier and efficient for your body to break down and will also have some nutrients to go with the calories.

Take a walk: Stop obsessing and get your mind off by getting outside. Change the subject of your mental conversation and often your cravings will subside.

One response to “Kranzky’s Korner: Unnatural cravings

  1. I hear a new year’s resolution?



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