Boxing Day dinner party

BoxerA good friend of mine and fellow blogger, 40-Something Life, is originally from the United Kingdom where December 26th is an official holiday called Boxing Day.

A few years ago she hosted a dinner party on Boxing Day and it was so much fun that with few exceptions, we’ve turned her annual dinner party on Boxing Day into our own tradition here in Boston.

The dinner party always seems to have a theme; years past have included a proper English themed-menu, a delicious Spanish menu, and one that included berets (although I don’t recall there being a French menu).  Details are fuzzy because of the copious amounts of wine poured.

The dinner party always starts with drinks followed by dinner and an always hysterical Yankee Swap after the table has been cleared.  Inappropriate gifts mingle with more creative gifts. After the swap, some sort of foolishness usually ensues. In years past this has included terrible impromptu dance performances, drunken Twister, and well you get the picture.

Later this evening Sergio and I will trek over to Southie to keep this tradition alive. Much thanks to our gracious host, Tracey.

3 responses to “Boxing Day dinner party

  1. It was such a night. Thank you for coming over to southie.


  2. i think I m going to start boxing


  3. Sounds like fun! I love holiday-time traditions that have no real holiday relevance. We do this by having pizza and hippie rolls (Italian sausage, onions and peppers inside dough then baked) with friends a few days before Christmas every year. We call it our Annual Pizza & Hippie Roll Rendezvous. 🙂



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