Achoo...Earlier this week Boston made national news when our mayor declared a medical emergency after more than 700 cases of the flu had been reported.

Consider this my own personal P.S.A.  I’ve been out a lot lately and it appears some need to be reminded that while it is perfectly natural to sneeze and cough, those of us who have yet to contract the flu would appreciate it greatly if you would cover your mouth and wash your hands.

One response to “Achoo

  1. What I’m hearing is that the most serious impacts are on the usual groups, the very young and the very old. I’ve also heard that of the 700 cases so far, only a third of them have tested positive for the current flu variant.

    So simple level 1 procedure applies:

    1) Avoid crowded places
    2) Frequent hand washing and sanitizing.

    Plus I’m also hearing this strain has been around for almost three years and has been a component in all the vaccines. So in the last three years I’ve been vaccinated twice so I’m not worried.



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