W Vieques Spa

W Spa ViequesThe W Hotel in Vieques includes a spa, which was directly behind our room and which I passed each day when I would go to use the property’s gym.  I promised myself if I worked out each day while visiting, I would treat myself to a massage before leaving so on our final day I arranged to have a one hour massage.  My masseur was a youngish looking man named Marcos.  After meeting in the spa’s lobby, he escorted me to one of the private rooms.  While Marcos was more than competent and worked out a surprising number of knots in my back, the experience was worthwhile because of the setting.  The grounds, the private room and of course the fantastic, private outdoor shower, which I used after the massage made the experience even more relaxing and peaceful.  I have to admit the rest of the day I felt fantastic and slept like a baby that night.  If you are curious about visiting the property and using the spa, you can see a full range of their services by visiting their website hereW Hotel Vieques Spa

One response to “W Vieques Spa

  1. loving the spas you show! Makes me wanna go to one NOW!!!!!!



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