Winter in Boston

Harrison Avenue

Click on image to enlarge

I woke up this morning to look out at a blustery day filled with snow blowing up and down Harrison Avenue in Boston’s South End.

This is a view from my fourth floor apartment; to the left you can see Harrison Avenue heading toward E. Berkeley Street and to the right is a view of the BSC South End gym and Gaslight restaurant. Hard to believe that spring technically starts in approximately 30-days.

2 responses to “Winter in Boston

  1. Early Spring?! Stupid groundhog! Still cold and snowing here in Michigan also with more forecasted this week. 30. Long. Days.


  2. I’m already sick of snow. At least your roads are plowed down to pavement. Ours will be a slush mess. Time to lean on my councilman and the Mayor’s Hotline who refuses to return my calls regarding unplowed sidewalks that front parking lots in my neighborhood. I think I’ll make an in-person stop in their office armed with photos and property owner info.



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