Missed periods

GrammarI should probably pick this up on Amazon.com.  It seems my grammar and spelling gets worse each year; no thanks to spell check and other enablers.

5 responses to “Missed periods

  1. Currently reading Susan Crawford “Captive Audience”. If you want to get pissed at your cable or telephone company (both wired and wireless) read this book.

    And she really indicts Comcast in the book.


  2. At least you weren’t making a grammatical mistake while correcting someone else; now THAT would have been worse. (Also, it happens allllll the time.)


  3. Thanks – I just bought it. I find that where I once knew the rules, or was at least able to recognize errors, now my confidence is shaken from reading so many sources of information that don’t have their grammar and word usage checked. And many of those sources are non-american so some spellings are different.

    I love the little pics that are grammar and spelling lessons I have a file of them that I refer to.

    I’ll eventually review it and its effectiveness.


  4. It’s “grammar and spelling GET worse”.



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