SpeakEasy Stage: Clybourne Park

SpeakEasy Stage BostonFollowing my own advice from my earlier blog post, Boston’s Theater Scene, I went to check out The SpeakEasy Stage production of Clybourne Park, earlier this week.  For those unfamiliar, this show won a Tony for Best Play in 2012.

The two act show which runs just over two hours will fly by (I promise).  The opening act takes place in a sleepy suburban neighborhood just on the outskirts of Chicago in 1959, but tensions erupt when the neighbors learn a “negro” family will be moving there. The racial tones of the conversation are as shocking as they are uncomfortable.  The second act takes place in the same home but fifty years later in 2009 when a young, white couple looking to start a family move into what is now a predominantly African American neighborhood.  The “political correctness” of the era challenge all parties to address their concerns in more diplomatic terms, but for some the challenges are too great.

This play has everything you want: believable acting, riveting dialog and just enough humor – especially in the second act to allow you to run the gamut of emotion. While this may not make for the perfect 1st date, it is definitely a great show to see with friends or perhaps on the 2nd date.  Make plans to grab a drink or bite to eat somewhere nearby to talk about what you just saw. I know Aquitaine appreciated the huge bar tab we racked up talking about the show.

You may buy tickets at the Calderwood Pavilion ticket booth or online here


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