Will you support Jacob by sharing his message?

homosexualityThis image is making the rounds on Facebook.  It was actually my friend David over at Wicked Gay Blog who brought this to my attention.  Upon reading it I shared it on my Facebook page with the comment “Jacob you are not broken, you are not confused and the only people who need to be fixed are the people who are telling you those lies.

Incidentally by “fixed” I mean that in the neuter or spade reference one often hears about pets. I would be so very pleased if you would swipe this image from my blog and also post it along with your sentiments – whether you echo my message or create one of your own.  If Jacob is brave enough to tell a panel of heterosexual men and women in the NJ Senate that he doesn’t need to be fixed, wouldn’t you agree the least you could do is echo his thoughts by sharing his message through whatever social media channels you prefer?


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