Single for a bit

Cheers SergioSergio has dashed off to Brazil to be with his family for the next two weeks.  When we first met, Sergio was a flight attendant for United Airlines so I was accustomed to his coming and going but that stopped years ago.  Now that he has his own lighting design business, Mazon Lighting Design, the only travel he does involves driving to client sites so the apartment seems strangely serene quiet.

Truth be told, I enjoy my quiet time and I’ll fall into a routine quickly enough, but today I do miss him – it is the saying good bye and the initial surprise of a home that’s gone suddenly still that takes some getting use to.  I have grand plans to tidy up the apartment, organize every shelf and drawer, get to the gym each day and read a stack of books – but we’ll see how that goes.  I’m great at making plans but sometimes the follow through leaves a bit to be desired.

3 responses to “Single for a bit

  1. My Ken just left for 2 weeks in the USA. Same eerie quiet here, too. If we were closer we could get together for a drink to drown our sorrows!


  2. Its is always a little odd and emotional when someone close goes off to travel like this, i can understand the feeling of missing someone like that – it’s not anything in particular you miss, just their actual presence!

    He’ll be home soon!


  3. If Luis ever thinks of leaving the airline, we’ll need a much bigger place to live, where we each have our own wing. 🙂



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