Dick of the Year

Dick of the WeekEvery so often I include a post entitled, Dick of the Week, but today’s Tweet from Arkansas State House Representative, Nate Bell, takes the cake and I’ve decided to make an exception and refer to him as Dick of the Year.  If you’d like to express your disdain for Mr. Bell you may reach him the following ways.

Email: Nate.Bell@arkansashouse.org 
Web Page:  Arkansas State House Page
Facebook Page: Nate Bell
Twitter: NateBell4AR
Phone: 479-234-2092

9 responses to “Dick of the Year

  1. Weapon = courage where you come from…?


  2. why oh why does he need to communicate with humans?


  3. You Sir, Are an ass!


  4. What is sadder and more tragic than this embeciles comment are that there are “people” who agree with him. I put people in quotation marks as I question if they have souls, hearts or brains.


  5. Scott, if you can’t kill an attacking “methhead” with a 10 round magazine, you’re doing it wrong.


  6. Scott –

    If you support what Nate Bell said, I think you’re an idiot.

    Hope that is clear enough. You may want to read other blogs, because I doubt anything I’d say about this man or your support of his comments would sit well with you.



  7. Actually I support he said, I live in Massachusetts which only allows you to have a 10 round magazine, if you got some methhead attacking you, you may need to empty that magazine it may not stop them, and everybody complains about a 30 round magazine being a high capacity magazine no that’s what the gun was designed to take, if you got a 50 on 100 or 200 round drum magazine that is a large capacity magazine



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