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Boycott Dolce Gabbana, #BoycottDolceGabbanaI wasn’t going to comment on the current controversy regarding Stefano Gabbana’s recent comments until he decided to open his mouth again in response to a call for a boycott of D&G products initiated by Sir Elton John and quickly picked up by many others in the gay community.

This is so reminiscent of Guido Barilla’s, Chairman of Barilla Group, comments in 2013.  It begs the question can the Italians join the rest of the world in the 21st century? Who would’ve ever guessed that the current Pope would prove to be a better friend than the founders of D&G?  I’m terribly disappointed in Stefano Gabbana and his one time partner, Dominico Dolce.  Their concept of what a healthy family looks like is terribly flawed and while they have a right to their opinion they clearly don’t understand who their buyers are. Insulting one of your most important group of buyers is an odd way to foster brand loyalty. Somehow I don’t see creeps like Senator Rick Santorum and Senator Ted Cruz buying D&G. Maybe Dolce & Gabbana can team up with Chick-fil-A.

Dick of the week: Peter Schiff

Dick of the WeekCEO of Euro Pacific Capital Peter Schiff does not believe the US should have a minimum wage – let alone have a discussion about raising the minimum wage.  I find that opinion extremely disheartening but it was his thoughtful response to Samantha Bee  that makes me think, “What a dick.

Schiff: “If we eliminated the minimum wage law then individuals would be free to accept jobs at whatever pay they’re able to get.”

Bee: “Paint me a picture of a person whose work would be worth $2 an hour.”

Schiff: “You know somebody who might be? Maybe somebody who is, uh, you know, what’s the politically correct word? Uh, you know, uh, for, uh, you know, mentally retarded?”

Want to see the Daily Show video?  Link here.

Dick of the Week: Lorenzo Garcia, Young Conservatives of Texas

Dick of the Week: Lorenzo Garcia

Dick of the Week: Lorenzo Garcia

Earlier this week Lorenzo Garcia – chair of the Young Conservatives of Texas – announced the game “Catch an Illegal Immigrant”.  

The gist of this “game” is to encourage students to track down other illegal students and in exchange they will get a $25 gift card. The game was to take place tomorrow, Wednesday – November 20th, but the Texas University has stepped in.  Not sure if this “game” will continue but the fact that Garcia felt comfortable enough to create such a vigilante-like game says a lot about the campus and student life at University of Texas. 

It made me think about illegal immigration in general and how much they put into the system and how much they take. I thought it would be a good way to spark the debate at UT by having an event such as this.” – Later Garcia

It makes me so angry when people characterize illegal immigrants like this.  I know many people who fall into this category and all of them are hard working – giving more than they take; paying taxes, paying into social security (even though they will not receive these benefits), and often doing jobs many Americans have turned their nose up and refuse to do. These people come to the US for a better life not for handouts. The courage it takes to risk so much is a testament to their determination and drive; two characteristics that are incompatible with lazy individuals looking for a free ride.

This guy is such a dick.  Full story here.

Dick of the Week: Guido Barilla, CEO of Barilla Pasta

Barilla Pasta CEO of Barilla Pasta has caused a bit of controversy with remarks that indicate his disapproval of homosexuality.  In response to a public outcry that started in Italy and thanks to social media has traveled around the world, the firm recently issued the following statement, “I apologize if my words generated misunderstandings or arguments, or if they offended the sensibilities of some people.”

The apology is appreciated but is clearly just a PR statement.  I’m assuming that his pasta will soon be appearing on the Chick-fil-A menu and Sarah Palin will be running down for a photo op. What cozy company this dick of the week will keep.  Unimpressed and want to express your frustration?

Barilla America Inc.

1200 Lakeside Drive / Bannockburn IL 60015-1243 USA

Tel. (847)405-7500

Full Story Here

Dick of the week

Dan CathyI’m actually quite happy that I’ve not felt compelled to publish a “Dick of the week” post in quite a while but then I read about Dan Cathy. You may recall Dan Cathy. He is the loudmouth, conservative CEO of Chick-fil-A who last July caused a stir with his comments about how the public’s growing acceptance of marriage equality was, “inviting God’s judgement on our nation.

What a dick, right? Well after the US Supreme Court’s decision this past week, he couldn’t help himself and felt compelled to Tweet about it. Interestingly, the Tweet was quickly deleted – clearly Mr. Cathy doesn’t seem to understand how the Internet works. What a dumb ass.

Dick of the Year

Dick of the WeekEvery so often I include a post entitled, Dick of the Week, but today’s Tweet from Arkansas State House Representative, Nate Bell, takes the cake and I’ve decided to make an exception and refer to him as Dick of the Year.  If you’d like to express your disdain for Mr. Bell you may reach him the following ways.

Web Page:  Arkansas State House Page
Facebook Page: Nate Bell
Twitter: NateBell4AR
Phone: 479-234-2092

Dick of the week: Rand Paul

rand-paulFor a US Senator who wants smaller government and less regulation, Rand Paul (R-KY), seems to feel differently when discussing social issues like gay marriage, where he conveniently forgets his self-proclaimed libertarian bent and rails that there apparently is not enough government interference and regulation.

Last week Sen. Paul had this to say about marriage equality rights when he spoke with the very conservative American Family Association’s, Bryan Fischer.

“We should try to keep it as a state issue…  My fear is that in federalizing it, we’re going to lose the battle for the whole country.  And keeping it state-by-state… that we’ll still have areas that will continue to have traditional marriage…  If the urban centers are able to dictate for the rest of the country what our definition on marriage is, I’m a little concerned about that.”

Clearly, Sen. Paul isn’t pleased to see the country’s growing acceptance that marriage equality is a civil right worthy of federal recognition become the majority opinion.  With more states looking to recognize same sex marriage and the US Supreme Court’s expected ruling on California’s controversial Proposition 8 and the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), 2013 is shaping up to be a “tipping point” in the United States.