Dick of the week

Dan CathyI’m actually quite happy that I’ve not felt compelled to publish a “Dick of the week” post in quite a while but then I read about Dan Cathy. You may recall Dan Cathy. He is the loudmouth, conservative CEO of Chick-fil-A who last July caused a stir with his comments about how the public’s growing acceptance of marriage equality was, “inviting God’s judgement on our nation.

What a dick, right? Well after the US Supreme Court’s decision this past week, he couldn’t help himself and felt compelled to Tweet about it. Interestingly, the Tweet was quickly deleted – clearly Mr. Cathy doesn’t seem to understand how the Internet works. What a dumb ass.

3 responses to “Dick of the week

  1. I have lost a few FB friends for calling them out on prejudice. It’s okay with me. Now I can more easily identify my enemies.


  2. One of my followers commented on my post from the girl who didn’t like having gay “shoved in her face all the time”. His comment hit home, and I think applies here too. It’s important to not let statements like that go unchallenged. Although it’s not necessarily about changing the views of the original poster–it’s about making it clear that while prejudice will always exist, so will individuals willing to fight it.



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