Dick of the week: Mitt Romney

Dick of the weekLast week it was widely reported Mitt Romney explained to fund-raisers and major donors to his campaign that he lost because President Obama provided “gifts” to young voters and minorities.

Debt forgiveness?  Contraception availability?  Access to parent’s health insurance?  These are gifts?  I suppose with that logic so are veteran’s benefits, social security, Medicare, etc…

These aren’t gifts Mitt – they are priorities; we value and want our youth to be able to afford a college education; we want sexually active young adults to be responsible and use contraceptives; and we want everyone to have health insurance.

Obviously Romney didn’t perceived his campaign pledge to increase military spending by $2 Trillion a gift. What a dick.

One response to “Dick of the week: Mitt Romney

  1. Romney should not be the Dick of the Week, remember friends a Dick is a Good thing, Romney = Asshole



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