Dick of the Week: Guido Barilla, CEO of Barilla Pasta

Barilla Pasta CEO of Barilla Pasta has caused a bit of controversy with remarks that indicate his disapproval of homosexuality.  In response to a public outcry that started in Italy and thanks to social media has traveled around the world, the firm recently issued the following statement, “I apologize if my words generated misunderstandings or arguments, or if they offended the sensibilities of some people.”

The apology is appreciated but is clearly just a PR statement.  I’m assuming that his pasta will soon be appearing on the Chick-fil-A menu and Sarah Palin will be running down for a photo op. What cozy company this dick of the week will keep.  Unimpressed and want to express your frustration?

Barilla America Inc.

1200 Lakeside Drive / Bannockburn IL 60015-1243 USA

Tel. (847)405-7500

Full Story Here

2 responses to “Dick of the Week: Guido Barilla, CEO of Barilla Pasta

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  2. Letbus hope that every caring person, str8 and gay will boycott Barilla.



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