Dick of the Week: Lorenzo Garcia, Young Conservatives of Texas

Dick of the Week: Lorenzo Garcia

Dick of the Week: Lorenzo Garcia

Earlier this week Lorenzo Garcia – chair of the Young Conservatives of Texas – announced the game “Catch an Illegal Immigrant”.  

The gist of this “game” is to encourage students to track down other illegal students and in exchange they will get a $25 gift card. The game was to take place tomorrow, Wednesday – November 20th, but the Texas University has stepped in.  Not sure if this “game” will continue but the fact that Garcia felt comfortable enough to create such a vigilante-like game says a lot about the campus and student life at University of Texas. 

It made me think about illegal immigration in general and how much they put into the system and how much they take. I thought it would be a good way to spark the debate at UT by having an event such as this.” – Later Garcia

It makes me so angry when people characterize illegal immigrants like this.  I know many people who fall into this category and all of them are hard working – giving more than they take; paying taxes, paying into social security (even though they will not receive these benefits), and often doing jobs many Americans have turned their nose up and refuse to do. These people come to the US for a better life not for handouts. The courage it takes to risk so much is a testament to their determination and drive; two characteristics that are incompatible with lazy individuals looking for a free ride.

This guy is such a dick.  Full story here.

5 responses to “Dick of the Week: Lorenzo Garcia, Young Conservatives of Texas

  1. What was the key for USA to become a great nation?
    Immigration, several studies agree with the idea of “people who emigrate are higher than the average in term of entrepreneurship and desire to progress”, some simple examples are: Sergey Mikhaylovich (google co-founder) born in Moscow, Steve Jobs son of Syrian Immigrants, Jerry Yang (yahoo co-founder) born in Taipei, Henry Ford son of Ireland immigrant, and so on.
    Actually the only pure Americans are the American Indians, the rest are immigrant or descendants of them. I understand that the immigration now and especially from Mexico could be excessive and, in some cases abusive, it’s a problem that should be solve, but without promoting hate and racism, considering that most of the immigrants are looking for better life and are willing to work very hard (even harder than locals) to get it.

    In the other hand Ted Cruz and his fellows like this guy, are reaching dangerous levels, just review the human history, every time that some “leader” create and govern with their own god or their own bible the result have been catastrophic.


  2. What a tool, but then it is Texas.


  3. Catch an illegal immigrant and get a $25 gift card? Ted Cruz whose father was Cuban and Lorenzo Garcia, self proclaimed Mexican American were both of immigrant background. Can I get gift cards for turning them in for being dicks?


  4. Your conclusions about the campus and student life at UT are wrong. As a student at the university, I can say that it is a very welcoming place for people of all sorts. I’d say the immediate and intense backlash from the majority of the student body and the administration is much more indicative of the kind of place UT is.



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