Flashback Friday

Flashback FridayPost Office Square is now a 1.7 acre park in the heart of Boston’s financial district, but as the top photo shows, for many years this was an above ground parking garage.  Fortunately some years back it was decided to build a below ground parking garage to create a more open and inviting space. In good weather, thousands of men and women come out to eat in the park each day.

2 responses to “Flashback Friday

  1. I work a block away on Federal Street. If I ever work on Saturday or Sunday, I will drive in and park in the underground garage. Both the park and the garage are very well-maintained.

    Also IIRC, years ago there was an, um, bathhouse located not too far away in this general area in an old industrial building (long torn down). Happy memories!!


  2. I remember I happened to be downtown on the Sunday morning they imploded the old garage. My friend and I stumbled across a police line keeping people back just before the demolition. We didn’t stay to watch (on our way to brunch) but I wish we had. If I remember right, this was 1989 or so. Boston looks so much better now nearly 25 years later!



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