China’s penis building

China Penis BuildingChina officials are not amused that people are referring to the new state building that will be the new headquarters for The People’s Daily (China’s major newspaper run by the ruling Communist Party) as the penis building.

However, what would one expect people to say? This may be the most literal interpretation of the penis I’ve ever seen.  So much for subtlety.   According to the report in – where else? Cosmo – censors in China are now blocking photos of the unfinished skyscraper because it has become the source of so many jokes.

You can read Cosmopolitan’s article here.

3 responses to “China’s penis building

  1. Hilarious!! Did no one think about this when the sketches were reviewed/approved??


  2. lol… I read about that. It’s hilarious


  3. there is one like this in Seattle/they refer to it as resembling a “pencil”



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