Geoffrey’s to become Harry’s

Geoffreys Cafe BostonGeoffrey’s Cafe which abruptly closed earlier this year will reopen soon as Harry’s Food & Drink. The City of Boston was petitioned earlier this week to transfer the liquor license and extend the closing hour from 1:00AM to 2:00AM.  According to Eater Boston which picked up the report from the Boston Herald, chef Jason Santos will oversee the culinary operations.  No word on when Harry’s may open, but after speaking to the security guard at 142 Berkeley Street it seems like the new owners are looking to move quickly to open.

Fingers crossed and best of luck to the new owners.

2 responses to “Geoffrey’s to become Harry’s

  1. aww. Tried to go there w you last summer and DID go there w Mike and Peter a week later. I’m glad I got to sample the place.


  2. Doesn’t sound like it is going to be the gay friendly atmosphere it used to be, just another overpriced theme restaurant.



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