Restaurant Review SD26 in NYC

SD26NYC-dining-roomSD26 at Madison Square Park serves contemporary Italian cuisine in a large, chic restaurant that features a small patio overlooking Madison Square Park, a long wine bar and lounge, as well as a large open dining area. Zagat gave SD26 a rating of 25 for its food and described the space as “glam modernist dining”. Hmm, what the heck does that mean?

While I was dining at SD26 service was flawless. The staff worked together, answering a steady stream of questions about the Italian wines (of which there are very many to choose from on their iPad menu) to suggestions for nearly every course imaginable for our party of seven.

To get to our table we walked by the open formaggeria. Without hesitation we ordered a large plate of Italian meats and cheeses. At $39 each, I appreciated this would be a work dinner picked up by my firm, but I have to admit it was unbelievably delicious. In fact we devoured it so quickly I have no photos 😦

My next plate, an arugula and endive salad  dressed with a light lemon dressing for $12, was very refreshing and made for a nice contrast from the Italian meats and cheeses I had over indulged.  I opted for the pasta special $26 for my main course; a homemade buccatini pasta with an All’Amatriciana sauce, which was delicious and filling but I wish had a bit more kick. SD26 Salad and DinnerWhile the service and food was delicious, the large dining room is best enjoyed if you can get a table along the wall or better yet in the back corner where we were seated.  You gain a better view of the space and are less disrupted by passing staff and patrons.  Menu prices for most pasta dishes range in the mid-20s and seafood and meat plates ranging from $32-49.  While there are excellent restaurants in NYC at all price ranges for every cuisine imaginable, I would recommend this for enthusiasts of modern Italian cuisine without reservation.

SD26 is located at 19 E 26th Street in NYC  (212) 265-5959 – Reservations are highly recommended.
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