PrancerciseI couldn’t stop laughing watching Joanna Rohrback talk about Prancercise, which she describes as “a springy,rhythmic way of moving forward, similar to a horse’s gait and is ideally induced by elation.” I can’t make this stuff up if I tried those are the exact words in the video description.

I’m only sorry to let this entrepreneur know that she’s a bit late to the game if she thinks she’s invented such a movement.  Disagree? Come down to Boston’s Pride Parade this Saturday and you’ll see thousands of drag queens (some dressed just like this woman) “prancercising” their way along the parade route. Check out this video.

6 responses to “Prancercise

  1. Are those tight a little toooo tight or did she put her “thong” on backwards????
    Euwww !


  2. FUCK. (sorry for the lingo), you STOLE my Site of the Month !!! I haven’t posted it yet, of course, but since I got the link a few weeks back, I’ve been holding off until June. Rat bastard. Now I’ll have to work you into the post somehow.


  3. Bitch stole my moves!


  4. It got her an appearance on National Morning T.V., where she ‘Prancersized” and got some of the morning hosts to do it as well. Amazing that she does this on You Tube with camel toe…



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