South End rumor mill: Immaculate Conception and Sibling Rivalry

GTI PropertiesThe South End rumor mill is grinding fast and furious these days.  Earlier this year SoWa Boston confirmed GTI Properties purchased the Jesuit Urban Center and the Immaculate Conception Church on Harrison Avenue.  Unconfirmed reports suggest that GTI Properties plans to convert these two 19th century structures into 80 apartments.

In addition to news about GTI Properties latest development, rumor has it that a Mexican restaurant will soon be opening in the space formerly occupied by Sibling Rivalry on Tremont Street in the South End.


At this point, this is only an unconfirmed rumor but it is one that I’ve now heard from two different restaurant owners in the South End. Questions remain who may be behind the new restaurant, but if it is true this extends a streak of Mexican restaurants opening in Boston that I thought had run its course.  This would be the first second (sorry El Centro!) Mexican restaurant to open in the South End and be just two blocks from Masa, a southwest bar and grill. If the rumors prove true, the new restaurant could give both El Centro and Masa a run for their money.

3 responses to “South End rumor mill: Immaculate Conception and Sibling Rivalry

  1. Great restaurants such as El Centro will survive! And so will Masa – those who consistently offer good food & good service won’t be affected by competition.


  2. Don’t forget El Centro!



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