Restaurant review: Boston Chops

Boston ChopsLast weekend Boston Chops opened for brunch.  The menu includes a half dozen traditional breakfast items, a section of grilled steaks and sandwiches as well as raw bar and a selection of salads.

The menu also has a number of cocktails including a bloody Mary selection that allows patrons to choose how spicy they like their drinks (served rare, medium or well done). I started with a Charred Shishito Bloody Mary served with a wedge of lemon, pepper jack cheese and a charred Shishito pepper ($10).  My request to have it made “Medium” provided just enough kick for me.

While I was tempted to try Boston Chops burger it was too early and so I opted for one of the healthier items on the menu, the kale omelet with mushroom and cheddar and a side of potatoes. While the omelet didn’t appear to have any mushrooms, it was both filling and delicious and really helped balance the spicy cocktail I continued to sip through out breakfast.

Boston Chops brunch

Boston Chops Kale Omelette $13

My dining partner in crime, Sergio, opted to try Boston Chops French Toast which came served with a mixed berry compote that the menu refers to as a ‘seasonal marmalade’ and a generous serving of Rhum Anglaise that is unbelievably rich and sinfully delicious. The marmalade was so good I put a spoonful on my side of toast and had to refrain from taking extra spoonfuls when Sergio was not looking.

Boston Chops

Boston Chops French Toast $12

If ordering a full plate of French Toast seems too decadent (it really isn’t though) but you want something sweet, check out the sides like Chops house made donuts in chocolate sauce or Pecan sticky buns $7 each.

Boston Chops is open for brunch Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 3pm.  While reservations may not be necessary these first few weekends it is still a safe bet.  I thoroughly enjoyed my food and will be returning again and again.

Boston Chops is located at 1375 Washington Street in Boston’s South End.

Boston Chops on Urbanspoon

One response to “Restaurant review: Boston Chops

  1. Kale and mushroom omelette sounds great!



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