Man’s night out at MiniLuxe

PedicureMy friend, Sean Donovan better known by his Twitter handle, @BostonMo, in partnership with Miniluxe hosted a “MANicurious Party” last week and yours truly was invited.

Joining me was an eclectic mix men about town including, Jonathan Soroff, @Jonathan_Soroff, writer at The Improper Bostonian; Alex Weaver, @AlexEWeaver, writer at, Jeff Lahens, pro stylist and founder of @DressCodeBoston; Matthew Simko, @SoTacky33, writer and curator of @Chubstr, and me. 

It was a fun evening watching some of the guys who obviously had never had a manicure or pedicure sit beside veterans like Jonathan Soroff who had opted to paint his toes a color I think he referred to as “St. Bart’s blue”.

I’m not going to try and convince those who are uncomfortable at the thought of splurging on a bit of pampering, but I have a sneaking suspicion there are frightfully few who read my blog who would have such an aversion.  If you’ve not visited MiniLuxe I would suggest giving them a try. The staff at the Newbury Street location could not have been more friendly. If Newbury Street isn’t convenient – note that MiniLuxe has locations in: Brookline, Chestnut Hill, Hingham, Lexington, Newton and Wellesley.

MiniLuxe has generously offered a 20% discount off men’s services and waxing if you use the code: BOSGUY13

2 responses to “Man’s night out at MiniLuxe

  1. I’m a manicure and pedicure virgin. I don’t think it’s for me. I was never tempted.
    It looks like you had fun though…


  2. I have had and enjoy both facials and manicures. However, I can’t cope with the thought of strangers touching my feet. No pedis for me.



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