Joe Manganiello

Joe-Manganiello-True-BloodHere is a little something for all you True Blood fans out there.  What did you think of this season’s premiere? Are you still watching? Are you done with the series? Are you wondering “What the heck is BosGuy talking about?”

4 responses to “Joe Manganiello

  1. I don’t even remember how I found you! and ended up here, but your were my absolute favorite of all the other ones I stumbled upon. I wanted to comment to say you are great and inspirational


  2. As long as this man’s ass keeps coming out, I’ll keep watching!!…and yes, Rutger Hauer joining the show is most kick-ass.


  3. Spouse & I enjoy watching True Blood, although we have not yet seen the season premiere. Joe M is certainly a draw to the show… 😉


  4. Wasn’t impressed too much by the premiere. Still like the show though and will faithfully watch!! Liked the introduction of the vamp that killed the Stackhouse parents. Interested in seeing where they go with that. Sad that Sookie recinded Eric’s invite to house… Loved them together!!! Can’t stand Bill .



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