President Obama on Trayvon Martin

Obama_Trayvon_MartinIn an unscheduled and unusually personal speech last Friday, President Barack Obama tried to explain why African-Americans were upset about last week’s acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

Obama’s 20 minute speech was a welcome response in my opinion although conservative news agencies and commentators like FOX News and Sean Hannity were quick to criticize the President.  I’ve been upset about this case since it was first reported and while I’ll admit I don’t know all the details, the fact that Zimmerman relied on Florida’s Stand Your Ground law to defend following a young black man who in his opinion “looked suspicious” smacks of vigilantism.

Did you miss Obama’s unscheduled address? Watch it here.

2 responses to “President Obama on Trayvon Martin

  1. In fact no matter if someone doesn’t know afterward its up
    to other viewers that they will help, so here it happens.


  2. Thanks for sharing the link.

    I’ve also been outraged since the acquittal.

    To those who agree with the acquittal:

    It’s okay to profile black children who live within and have every right to be within the confines of your predominantly white, gated community?!?

    It’s also okay to go against the advice of a 9-1-1 operator and continue to hunt or stalk a black child whom you’ve racially profiled and assumed guilt based on skin color and attire?!?

    Then, when the black child you’ve stalked and hunted down like prey, tries to fight for HIS life against YOU and YOUR GUN, it’s okay for you to shoot to kill?!?


    I know for a fact that there WOULDN’T have been an acquittal of Trayvon Martin if HE’D been the one who had stalked, fought with, then, shot and killed an unarmed George Zimmerman.



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