Vintage hunk

paul_newmanWhile scanning earlier this week I stumbled upon their post, Vintage Hunk: Paul Newman.

There are few actors who I can think of who aged as gracefully as Paul Newman but then again so few are as blessed genetically. Paul Newman was able to turn heads nearly his entire adult life.

He and Elizabeth Taylor were so beautiful on screen together in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, I have to wonder why movie studio executives didn’t make them work together more often.

Who / which leading actors from years past would you label as a “Vintage Hunk”?

4 responses to “Vintage hunk

  1. Christopher in Chicago

    Marlon Brando, without a doubt!


  2. A real man’s man… he’s piercing eyes always got to me. YUM!


  3. Edward Montgomery Clift (October 17, 1920 – July 23, 1966)


  4. I have always thought Anthony Perkins (Psycho) was a very attractive man.

    Also, James Dean and Tab Hunter.



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