Sergio My partner Sergio may have been born and raised in Brazil, but he speaks better English than many Americans.  However, he does have a few rather peculiar ways to express himself that I find endearing.

One of my favorite expressions he uses regularly seems to manifest when he is scheduling client appointments. His lighting design business is quite busy these days and when he is trying to find a time to meet with a client he is quite likely to say something to the effect of, “Yes, I’m very busy, but I could squeeze you tomorrow.” Perhaps it is his soft accent, but nobody ever raises an eyebrow.

4 responses to “Sergio-isms

  1. he may squeeze me at any time


  2. My partner Carlos’ favorite expression, when describing a trouble situation, is, “It’s a storm in a glass of water.”


  3. ” Don’t believe all that he say.”
    Fave expression from friend Marco who has ice cream shop in San Paulo



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