Back Bay Harry’s

Back Bay Harry's LogoHarry Collings knows the LGBT community is looking forward to the opening of his new restaurant and bar, Back Bay Harry’s, and his team is working diligently so they may open in September. Earlier this week Harry gave me a private tour of the space that has been completely redesigned by HGTV designer and Massachusetts native, Taniya Nayak.

The changes to the space are significant (and for the better in my opinion). Harry is doubling the bar area, moving it to the opposite side of the room that runs along Stanhope Street. The bar will run the full the length of the restaurant, ending at the newly renovated and more open kitchen. The bar will give way to high tops, followed by dining tables and comfy banquets by the front windows and along the left side of the restaurant.

Harry Collings poses in front of his new restaurant, Back Bay Harry's

Harry Collings poses in front of his new restaurant, Back Bay Harry’s

The license for Back Bay Harry’s will allow for dinner to be served until 1AM and the bar can remain open until 2AM. Harry indicated that he plans to be open for lunch and dinner and to serve brunch on the weekends.  Although the menu is yet to be finalized, you can expect affordable American fare.  I promise to share more on that subject – the food – in a future post. I want to be among the first to say welcome to Back Bay Harry’s and to wish them luck.

6 responses to “Back Bay Harry’s

  1. This is so great looking forward to this fun upbeat place, great location.. I hear they’re going to have well priced comfort food.. Great place for late night food on the weekends ! Open til 2 am !


  2. Hi
    What was there previously?
    How about an address for those of us unfamiliar w Boston ?


    • Hi Joe –
      My bad, this space was formerly Geoffrey’s and before that Laurel’s. The space is located near the corner of Columbus Ave and Berkeley Street at 142 Berkeley Street on the Back Bay / South End line.


  3. Space sounds like a huge upgrade, excited to see it!!


  4. AMEN!! Geoffrey’s was horrible – food, décor was deplorable. Friendly staff with good drinks tho – but they opened and closed incessantly! Sooooo looking forward to this ROB. I’m so excited!!! YES! Thanks for the updated!


  5. Interesting. I got a bite on an Director of InfoSec job in Back Bay. Be fun to know about things around the area for lunch.



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