Bom Dia Rio de Janeiro

Rio de JaneiroIt is official, last week Sergio and I booked our tickets to Brazil and we will be returning to Rio de Janeiro in late November / early December for some rest and relaxation – and I can’t wait.

I have not been in Rio since 2008 and that is far too long to wait. Rio is one of the most amazing cities I’ve ever visited.  This aerial photo over the shoulders of the Corcovado overlooking the city pretty much says it all doesn’t it?

3 responses to “Bom Dia Rio de Janeiro

  1. Hold on a second while I turn green… I’M SO JEALOUS!!! I love tropical destinations. Sounds amazing.

    BTW – thanks for the kind comment this morning. I’m glad to be back. XOXO


  2. I lived in Brazil for a year as an exchange student in high school and had the chance to visit it twice during that time. I took my husband to visit three years ago and found it to be just as magical now as it was then. We stayed in Ipanema and loved it, but also loved Urca a lot.


  3. I too would like to visit the city. One of these days.



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