Ross Matthews: Hello Ross

Ross-MathewsI’ve enjoyed watching comedian, Ross Mathews, since he first appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 2001 as “Ross the Intern”.  Since then he has appeared on a variety of television shows, but is most regularly seen on the funny Chelsea Lately show on E TV.

Starting next month Ross Matthews will have his self-titled show, Hello Ross, also on E TV. The show will feature Ross talking about – what else? – but pop culture.  As I said, I’m a fan of this funny guy and if you are too then you may want to check out Metro Source magazine interview of Ross which you can read here.

One response to “Ross Matthews: Hello Ross

  1. His book was very funny and a perfect read on the beach – well I didn’t like the chapter on Christmas but the rest was pretty damn funny and just like him.

    Also a great read from a few back is My Trip Down The Pink Carpet by Leslie Jordan best know as Beverly Leslie on Will and Grace and from Sordid Lives – it is laugh out loud funny so many time! I read many of his stories to my mom.



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