What summer diet

summer dietIn the weeks that followed the Fourth of July, I some how fell off the fitness & diet wagon.

The past couple weeks in particular have resulted in my cancelling even my personal fitness dates with my much beloved trainer, Kris, but I’m not making any excuses because the fault lies squarely on my shoulders.  I plan on rectifying the situation after returning from Cape Cod this weekend.  Until then I’m trying my best not to feel like this.

3 responses to “What summer diet

  1. I was planning to do the same thing. As soon as Jr. starts school next week, back to watching what I eat and working out. We’ll hold each other to it! 😉


  2. Is that a midnight snack?


  3. If that’s you in the first photo, your diet has helped! You shrank to toddler size. 😉



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