Wentworth Miller comes out

“Prison Break” star Wentworth Miller — long rumored to be gay — officially came out of the closet today, in a letter to the St. Petersburg International Film Festival declining an invitation to appear there, citing Russia’s recent rash of laws essentially criminalizing homosexuality. Good for you Wentworth.


3 responses to “Wentworth Miller comes out

  1. I cannot abide outing, except in the case of public figures who spew anti-gay drivel and who are in fact gay themselves. So some years ago, when there was speculation about Wentworth Miller’s sexuality, I thought that he deserved the same consideration that I expected from others. When I was 19 and in the closet, I’ll never forget the gossipy, smarmy so-called friend who wanted to know if I was gay. To my shame, I didn’t have the courage then to admit it to anyone but myself. So, I lied to her. I came out some years later to those who matter to me…my family, my friends, and my colleagues. Wentworth Miller probably has been out to the same circle as mine for some time. His public outing was his to decide. And he did it in a way that will make a difference. When anyone, public or private, comes out of the closet, it makes a difference. I’m glad, though, that Wentworth Miller is at a stage in his life where he can accept himself and let the world see who he is.


  2. I’m pretty sure the word ‘star’ should have had quotes around it as much the show name.


  3. For some reason I thought he was already out. But then to find out HE’S BRITISH?! That was a shock!



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