Facebook introduces the “meh” icon

mehSadly I jest. Facebook is not introducing this icon, but I find the “like” button to be one-dimensional and while I don’t expect to see a middle finger or thumbs down icon anytime soon, I think we should start a campaign to get Facebook to create a “meh” icon.

Just think how popular this would be in some communities. Many otherwise sedate Jewish and Gay users would probably get so emotional with this new option they’re likely to get all verklempt.

5 responses to “Facebook introduces the “meh” icon

  1. Thumbs down (on chat window) is [[iidislyk]]
    F-u [[midfing]]

    Please let me know when MEH becomes a reality….my partner “lives” in MEH-land and jumped me when he heard me talking about it just now 😉


  2. I’d love to see them implement a meh and a thumbs down button.


  3. oy vey!



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