Provincetown Carnival 2014 theme: Superheroes

Although this year’s Carnival parade in Provincetown is yet to start, Commercial Street is chalk full of guys in Las Vegas themed costumes, in anticipation of the parade. I’ll be posting pictures from this year’s celebration and hope all the fun entices those of you who have never been to come and join in all the fun next year when Carnival’s theme will give a nod to Comic Book Characters / Superheroes.

Not sure which superhero best represents your personality? Check out this online quiz to give you ideas for the costume you should wear at Ptown’s 2014 Carnival celebration, Superhero Quiz.

9 responses to “Provincetown Carnival 2014 theme: Superheroes

  1. staying at southfleet motor lodge on aug 19 to the 24th and would like to know the dates of the 2014 carnival !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks Joan


  2. Looking forward to getting ready for next year but can anyone tell me the dates of carnival 2014?


  3. captain america is hiding his track marks… joel that is.


  4. 51 weeks until Carnival 2014. Starting my stomach crunches… now!


  5. OMG! It was…. Well….. Just different! I’m glad I went whilst over on holiday from England!



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