Restaurant review: 3 Squares

3 Squares NeedhamThis past July Aaron Krug opened 3 Squares at 669 Highland Avenue in Needham, MA.  Krug remodeled the space so nicely you’d be hard pressed to recognize the building was once a Bickfords.  Three Squares, which takes its name from the concept of having three square meals a day, is open daily serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you live nearby or are looking for a convenient place to meet in the area, try this comfortable, family friendly restaurant that mostly caters to local residents. Dinner plates range from an affordable $12 for a plate of their Truffle Mac & Cheese to their most pricey item, Pan Seared Salmon for $18.

3 Squares Pesto AranciniWe started our dinner with the 3 Squares Chopped Salad ($11.50) which is large enough to split or have as a main plate. We ate only half of the salad before trying the Pesto Arancini ($6.99) that are shown above. The pesto, if added, was so subtle that I’d suggest either adding more or renaming it.  Regardless, these fried balls of risotto and cheese were satisfying and great for sharing.

3 Squares Main PlatesThe dinner menu includes a combination of fish, meats and pastas with a selection of burgers that looked good.  However we opted to try the Braised Short Rib Pappardelle ($13.99) and the Baked Atlantic Cod ($14.99).  The braised short rib made the pappardelle a heartier plate – probably better for the upcoming fall weather than the summer.  Far lighter – and better in my opinion – for a dinner on a warm summer night was the cod.

3 Squares DessertsIn the name of research, we sampled two desserts from 3 Squares menu; Star Spangled Berry Shortcake and Adam’s Apple ($6.95 each). I loved the presentation of the shortcake and the warm apple dessert was delicious.  I was rather proud of myself for showing restraint by not devouring all the melting whipped topping as it oozed into the apple and sharing with Sergio.

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  1. That looks so yummy…



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