Boston’s “Track 61” could help Ink Block

MBTA Boston Track 61On Friday I wrote about The Boston Globe article that reported  an unused train track could potentially connect the Seaport District to the Back Bay.

What the report didn’t say but can be gleaned from The Boston Globe map (shown above) is where Track 61 resides.  If this new MBTA line comes to life, it would be a boon for more than just the Back Bay and Seaport District.

The South End’s Ink Block deserves a stop along Track 61

Track 61 runs past the new Ink Block development in the South End.  With several hundred new condos and apartments currently approved to be built in this part of the neighborhood, it is worth considering how having a MBTA stop might help better connect the neighborhood. It also seems feasible that a stop could be created near the always congested South Bay in Dorchester.

One response to “Boston’s “Track 61” could help Ink Block

  1. Won’t work out. The line would be slow and barely functionable as is. My guess is this is going to be a subsidy for a line that only runs when big conventions and festivals are in town. At absolute best, the line will only run off peak. But even then, there’s not much room for squeezing a station in — especially where you’d be stopping on the most congested tracks in the whole entire state. Just won’t fly in this form. Best bet is a whole new tunnel — preferably by finally combining the Silver Line with the Green Line.



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