Sergio is off to Brazil

Cheers SergioSergio is flying down to Brazil today to help his family, and he will be gone for about a a week.  I am happy he can make this quick visit, but I’m still doing my best not to mope around the house. I always hate saying good bye to him and feel like I miss him most in the hours leading up to and following his departure, which is kind of odd because this wasn’t the case when we first met and he was a flight attendant. However, since leaving the travel industry, I’ve become accustomed to having him around and his presence will be missed.  😦

4 responses to “Sergio is off to Brazil

  1. It makes you appreciate him and what you have even more! (SteveA)


  2. hugz!


  3. I will be missing you too, but I’ll be back in no time. Love you!


  4. AWWW… abscence makes the heart grow fonder.

    I know, I know, super cheesy. :-/



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