The morning after

Republican PartyThis was an off year election for most people but there were two notable elections that took place in the United States yesterday. Neither election played out the way the Tea Party would have liked.

NJ: Incumbent Republican Governor Chris Christie was re-elected despite the fact he is loathed by the Tea Party because of his willingness to work with President Obama last year after Hurricane Sandy devastated the NJ coastline as well as a false perception (that’s my opinion) he is a moderate.

VA: The nasty gubernatorial race between (former Democratic Party Chair) Terry McAuliffe, and the Tea Party backed candidate, Ken Cuccinelli (Virginia’s current A.G.), has resulted in a  McAuliffe win, meaning the Democratic Party has won back a Governor’s seat. Thank you Tea Party 🙂

One response to “The morning after

  1. It is a false perception that Christie is a moderate. While he claims that he does not believe that homosexuality and homosexual acts are sinful, progress on issues of importance to the LGBT community in NJ have been made despite Christie’s opposition at every step. In many ways, Christie is a mean-spirited bully going after average people who worked hard with the promise of modest retirement benefits and painting them as lazy, undeserving, and slick operators of the system.



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